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New Day Deliverance Holiness Church - Beaumont


We Believe in the virgin birth, the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We Believe in water baptism in the name of Jesus, Baptism of the Holy Spirit into the body of Christ, whereby the evidence of speaking in other tongues is given as a sign of the gift of the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. 

We Believe in the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ.

We Believe in the laying on of hands of by the Presbytery.

We Believe in divine healing, and all workings and manifestations of spiritual gifts.

We Believe in tithes and offerings for the support of the church and the work of the ministry.

We Believe in worshipping the Lord in the beauty of Holiness, with the lifting up of Holy hands, and praising God in spiritual hymns and songs.

We Believe in the Holy Communion, known in scripture as the Lord’s Supper.

We Believe in one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, and that the Lord being Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

We Believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ.